HTML – Starting point of Web

HTML , what is it? Once upon a time, it was around 1980 - 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, a Physicist wanted to write and share the document through the Internet. So, he and his team invented the web browser and a language called HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language. More detail about that story here. HTML... Continue Reading →

CSS – Colourful your page

What is CSS CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. CSS is a powerful tool that helps you "paint" a website. Imagination, if we said HTML is an essential skeleton of a website, CSS would be the other things that build up the full body. The page without CSS The page with CSS How to write... Continue Reading →

Java and Variable

What is variable? While a program is executing, it needs the inputs and values. A variable can be considered as a "container" that holds or storage the values while Java's program is executing. Type of variable There are three types or variable in Java including instance, local and static. Instance variable A variable is considered... Continue Reading →

What is Java?

Simple definition, Java is a programming language. For more detail, Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Java is one of the famous programming language The main purpose of Java invention is "write once and run everywhere". In fact, a program which is coded by Java can run on many platforms including Windows, OsX, Android,... Continue Reading →

About me!

Thanks for joining me! Hello reader, My name is Minh Phan, I am a student of Computer Science and being addicted web development. I heard of that someone said "writer is the one who read twice". By writing blog, I can review the knowledge that I have studied. Additionally, I can share them through to... Continue Reading →

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